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Half Term Entertainment!

With only a few days left of the half term, and ideas running short on how to keep the kids entertained, we thought we’d try to help you out with a few ideas!
Here in Windsor the girls at Cocoa Bean have come up with a wide range of toys and projects to help you keep the kids happy, and there may be something in it for you too…?
How about getting the kids to cook you dinner for a change? Or let them create their own family portrait for your wall, or get them decorating some flower pots and pebbles ready for your spring garden.
We also have white letters for the wall or mantle piece which can be painted, covered in glue and glitter, decorated with patterns and photos, or left for the imagination – a fab way to get the kids inspired!
In Cooking Italian with Kids, Liz Franklin gets your children into the kitchen and whipping up deliciously easy meals in no time. Pasta includes Liz’s easy guide for how to make it from scratch, with easy recipes like pasta parcels stuffed with pumpkin. Bread and polenta can be made into snack-tastic breadsticks or beautiful bread – try sweet plum focaccia. Children are often hungry, so let them make their own antipasti, easy lunches and snacks. Healthy bites like crispy garlic toast are perfect for munching on. With main courses like meatloaf and easy sausage and onion calzone, your children will soon be getting stuck in. There are also vegetables and salads such as rosemary potatoes and crispy crumbed cauliflower. Finally, Liz gives ideas for sweets and ice cream like almond cake and baked pancake parcels with pear and mascarpone.

We have some great creative items too, from decorate your own princess mirror to make a face sticker pads

Turn pebbles into fun monsters – friendly or scary. Let your imagination run riot. Paint them all over first, one side at a time, leaving them to dry thoroughly. Then paint on details using a fine paintbrush. Use acrylic paints or tester pots of household paints. Glue on goggle eyes to complete the faces.